KPZ-650L Vacuum emulsifying mixer




KPZ series vacuum emulsifying mixers are working to make high quality ointments and creamsunder the vacuum condition, by continuous operation of shearing, homogenizing, centrifugal extruding, impacting and dispersing, the material will become soft, smooth and bubblesfree.
KPZ series vacuum  emulsifying mixers are mainly composed of water tank, oil tank, main emulsifying tank, heating system, vacuum system, lifting system, dumping system, control system and platform ect.


The homogenizing system is of German technology with special structure. It applies the gap between rotor and stator, working with two-way mixing system to make the material fully mixed and homogenized.
Rotary-vane vacuum pump is used to suck the air to guarantee a whole vacuum manufacturing condition. The product will be silkly and bubble-free.
The electricity cabinet system is controlled by Siemens PLC. With stable control, a steady and efficient production will be achieved easily.
All parts in contact with material are made from SS316, cid and alkali resistant, and corrosion resistant, at meeting the international GMP standard.


Model KPZ-650 Power 220V/380V
Main tank 500L Water tank 400L
Oil tank 320L Emulsifying rate 10.5kw
Mixing rate 5.5kw Contact part SS304/316L
Size 2600x
Weight 1500kg

Electronics used are world-famous brands so that a low failure rate and long span can be guaranteed.


KPZ series vacuum emulsifying mixers are mainly used in bio-pharmacy, cosmetics, chemicals and food industry. According to the features of different material, the machine will be customized. It is the best to make all kinds of ointments, creams, cosmetics and other fine chemicals.


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All machines are designed to meet customers specific requirements (GMP for pharmacy factory) and can work smartly and smoothly at customer's site. We have creative design team to come up with the newest technology at times. Our products own ISO9001 qualification system and CE certificate.



1.Warranty lasts 13 months on the date machine delivery from KINGPACK
2.KINGPACK will offer whole life long service  in 7*24
3.Machine installation at customer only by QUALIFIED engineer


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