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KPSG-25 Weighing Type Filling and Capping Machine

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KPSG-25 Weighing Type Filling and Capping Machine

1.Suitable area:

Food concentrates, flavors and fragrances, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, chemical liquids, be used for weighing and filling a variety of viscous & non-viscous / corrosive & non-corrosive/ bubble & bubble-free liquid

Applicable materials:

Paint, printing ink, gasoline, dyes, resins, pastern, organic solvent daily chemical, detergent, pesticide, medicine, lubricant, curing agents, cleaning agents, oil, solvents, syrup, edible oil and all kinds of flowing liquids etc.

2.Basic structure

The weighing type filling machine is consisted of material feeding system, weighing system, machine structure and pneumatic control system.

Feeding system is operated by solenoid valve and cylinder to control the feeding speed.

Weighing system: it is composed by weighing structure, weighing sensor and weighing platform. The platform is connected with the machine structure by sensor. In the operation, the weighing platform is not allowed to bear other force. 

The height of filling head can be adjusted by screw and tighten the hexagon socket screw.

3.Main functions and performance

1.Latest control technology of micro computer

2.Weight value shows immediately

3.Gross/net filling mode . Precise weighing

4.Filling capacity can be adjusted between 0~20Kg

5.It is installed with drip-proof system and no bubbles in the drum

6.Automatic/manual operation mode

7.Filling quick / slow two grades of speed

8.Semi-circles slot type hopper convenient for cleaning

9.Changeable filling head 

10.Pneumatic cap pressing system

11.Explosion-proof system is optional

4.Technical parameter

 Filling quantity: 0~20kg

※  Filling accuracy: ± 0.25%

※  Filling speed:150~250 barrels/hr

※  Power supply: AC220V±10%, 50Hz, 500w

※  Air pressure: 0.4-0.6Mpa, Φ8 quick connect air tube

※  Feed port: DN40 (material pressure <0.6Mpa)

※  Material-contact part are stainless steel. Other parts are stainless steel and carbon steel material

5.Standard configuration

Weighing display controller

Sensor:(KELI weighing mode)

Pneumatic parts: Airtac, Taiwan 

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