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Plastic And Laminate Tube Filling And Sealing Machine

KP150-A UltrasonicTube Sealing Machine

KP150 ultrasonic sealing machine is suitable for plastic and composite tube sealing for toothpaste, cosmetics, medicines, food, and other industrial supplies.

    KP150 Ultrasonic tube sealing machine

    1.Introduction: KP150 is designed in flow line, with a high steadiness and working efficiency. The motoring parts are world-branded. 

    2. Performance: automatic sealing, cutting and coding

    3. Application: toothpaste, cosmetics, ointment, food and other plastic tubes

    Technical Parameter

    Power supply

    110V/1ph 60Hz 

    Working speed


    Output power


    Tube diameter

    5-50 mm

    Output frequency


    Time adjustment

    Electric adjustment

    Tube height

    10-300 mm



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