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​KZD-X-60 Powder Filling And Capping Machine

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KZD-X-60 Powder Filling and Capping Machine - Single head

I. General Introduction

KZD-X60 is commonly used for big factories which are manufacturing cosmetics and pharmacies which are in powder. The machine can plug and cap automatically.This model is suitable to round glass bottle and plastic bottle. We accept customized machines for special bottles.

II. Features

Ø New control method: Touch screen and imported PLC to control stepping motor to ensure a high feasibility

Ø High precision stepping motor: the stepping angle reaches 0.72 degree

Ø High working efficiency: Powder filling, plug distributing, plugging, cap distributing, capping and screwing

Ø Bladder capping to guarantee good condition of caps

Ø The plugging function is optional

Ø Smart filling and capping: no filling if no bottle; no capping if no plugging, no screwing if no caps

Ø GMP manufacturing standard. All parts in connection with filling powder are made from stainless steel

Ø Simple disassembly and assembly: filling head can be turned to backwards. A screwdriver will realize cleaning

Ø Settings saved: each setting will be saved when restarting the machine.

Ø Convenient cleaning: The operation desk are assembled by metal bars and with sealing rings, so it can be rinsed by water directly. 

Ø Protection system: when there is not enough bottles on the conveyor belt, or the bottles are not in right status, the machine will stop automatically

III. Technical Parameter

Ø Capacity: 20~30 bottles/min

Ø Filling volume: 0.2~15 gram

Ø Power rate: 1.5KW

Ø Filling precison: ≤±3%

Ø Power: Single phase, 220V 50Hz

Ø Dimension: 2000×1150×1450 mm

Ø Weight: 450 kg

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