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    • KPC-100 Chemical Mixing Machine

      Contact NowKPC-100 Chemical Mixing MachineKPC-100 is widely used in processing chemicals, such as glues, paintings, lubricant oil, resins ect. It is mainly applies the high-speed mixing and dispersing to smash the molecules. Besides, it is also with vacuum and pressure system. It has become the first choice to make silky and smooth materials.Read More

    • KPX-50L Planetary Mixing Machine

      Contact NowKPX-50L Planetary Mixing MachineKPX-50L Planetary Mixing Machine is designed for mixing, dissolution, and dispersion different varieties of liquids and powders. The machine has both high and low speed three axles scraper, it can widely apply in high viscosity coating , organic silica gel, printing ink, dye and stick colloid.Read More

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