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KPFC-200 Automatic Liquid Bottle Filling And Capping Machine

KPFC-200 machine is used for all kinds of plastic bottles and glass bottles of different shape and one cap screwing head is adapted to different size of caps. Both liquids and creams can be filled. It has a wide use in cosmetics, pharmacy and chemicals.

    KPFC-200 Automatic Liquid Bottle Filling And Capping Machine

    I. Introduction

    KPFC-200 can complete automatic filling, automatic cap-on and automatic cap screwing. With the reasonable design, only one operator is needed to feed the bottles. It is widely used in pharmacy, food, cosmetics industry, such as cream, moisturizing water, edible oil, pharmacy liquid.The most part of the machine is made from SS304. For special material, the contacting part is SS316L, which is able to reach the GMP standard.

    II. Features

    1. The filling & capping machine can equipment with a dust cover. No bottle no filling. 

    2. The filling system is applied with the plunger pump, which has a high filling precision and a large dosage range

    3. The plunger pump filling system does not absorb the material. It is heat-resistant and corrosion resisting. It has an overwhelming advantage when the material has a corrosive feature.

    4. The machine is installed with a low level storage hopper which makes the cleaning and disinfection easier.

    5. It is applicable to all kinds of viscous and non-viscous liquids

    6. Special mechanical hand design the cap leading system

    7. The filling nozzle goes down to the bottom of the bottle for filling, preventing bubbles

    8. The machine is filling and capping in one, occupying small room

    9. Claw design head-screwing design which is easy to adjust the tightness

    10. GMP standard design

    III. Technical Parameter

    Filling volume: 5-1000ml

    Power supply: 220V, 50HZ or according to client voltage requirement.

    Electrical power: 1.5KW

    Suitable bottle diameter: 40~100 mm

    Suitable cap size: 20~50mm

    Production Capacity: about 20 Bottles/ minute

    Machine weight: 200kgs

    Machine dimension (L*W*H): 2500*800*1600mm

    We can customize your order if you have special demands.

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