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    • KPM-220 Automatic Round Bottle Labeling Machine

      Contact NowKPM-220 Automatic Round Bottle Labeling MachineKPM-220 is suitable for round or cylindrical product which can be vertically transported. It is featured by high labeling precision, stable operation, neat, no bubble, no wrinkle. The qualified rate can reach 99%.Read More

    • KPM-400 Automatic Horizontal Labeling Machine

      Contact NowKPM-400 Automatic Horizontal Labeling MachineKPM-400 is widely used for such industries as food, medicine, fine chemical, cultural supplies, and electronics and so on. It is applicable for the labeling of the objects with small diameters and unable to stand up easily, such as oral liquid bottles, ampoule bottles, needle tube bottles, batters, hams sausages, test tubes, pens and so on.Read More

    • KPM-200 Semi Automatic Flat Labeling Machine

      Contact NowKPM-200 Semi Automatic Flat Labeling MachineKPM-200 can stick one side of round bottle, square bottle of single-sided, three-sided, flat-sided bottles (such as shampoo, shower gel, oil, lubricants, detergents, eye drops bottles). Wider scope and high adaptable.Read More

    • KPL-3530 Automatic Double Sides Labeling Machine

      Contact NowKPL-3530 Automatic Double Sides Labeling MachineKPL-3530 applys to double side of all kinds round bottles in pharmacy, food beverage, daily chemical industry etc. The machine adopts PLC process control, photo electricity bottle checking and label delivery, it composes of high production efficiency, labeling precise and reliable, operation convenience, and wide adaptive scope etc.Read More

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