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KPM-400 Automatic Horizontal Labeling Machine

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KPM-400 Automatic horizontal labeling machine

I. Introduction

KPM-400 is suitable for round or cylindrical product which can be vertically transported. It is featured by high labeling precision, stable operation, neat, no bubble, no wrinkle. The qualified rate can reach 99%. It is no bottle no labeling. Besides, if the label size is different,it can be adjustable in certain scope. The whole machine is easy to move can be matched with ribbon code printer,bottle unscrambler, turn table and inkjet printer ect.

II. Application Range

1. Power: round or cylindrical product, tube or injection which can not be vertically transported

2. Label application: adhesive paper/ transparent label inroll

3. Roll inner diameter: 76mm

4. Roll outer diameter≤300mm

5. Measuring accuracy: <1%

6. Label size: 10≤width≤80mm, length≥20mm

III. Technical parameter

1. Production capacity: 1800-18000 B/H

2. Product size: 9≤ product diametre ≤25mm  product height≤200mm

3. Labeling precision error: ±1mm (include product and label error)

4. Power supply: 220V 50Hz, 1.0KW

5. Machine size: 2000mm*1300mm*170mm

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