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Aluminum Tube Filling And Sealing Machine

KPLG-60 Automatic Aluminum Tube Filling Sealing Machine

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KPLG-60 Automatic aluminum tube filling and sealing machine

I. Introduction

KPLG-60 auto metal soft tube filling and sealing machine is suitable for automatic filling and sealing. It is the economical equipment for industry of glue, medical and etc. For example, super glue, AB glue, toothpaste and etc. 

It is the automatic equipment. This machine will drive the 16 station. We manual put the soft tube into the tube feeding box. The machine then will auto go into the tube base. Next station is with auto eye-marking system, auto filling and auto sealing. Filling position auto checks if there is tubes. It will filling when it detects tubes. No filling when no tube which will avoid wrong filling. The filling is driven by cylinder and the filling capacity and accuracy is controlled by cylinder route. 

Sealing is finished by 6 to 8 stations, which is designed by sealing end. For the mental tubes with tail collagen, it just needs two layers of folding. For the mental tubes with no tail collagen, it should add reverse folding and needs 8 stations. At last, it is equipped with shape-adjust station to make sure good sealing. As per customer’s demand, the shape-adjust station could have the printing function. 

II. Parameters:

1. Power: ~ 220V±10%   50Hz

2. Filling range: 2-10ml

3. Measuring accuracy: <1%

4. Motor power:  1.1kw

5. Speed: 10~75pcs/min (adjustable)

6. Size: 1000×600×1700  L×H×W

7. Weight: 400 kg

8. Air pressure: 0.5 MPa

III.   Configuration

1. Motor: 1.1KW Qipeng of Wuxi

2. Step Motor: 4.2 Xinjie Of Wuxi

3. PLC:  Xinjie Of Wuxi

4. Reducer: Jiahe of Hangzhou

5. Frequency:Woshen

6. Color code: Matsushita

7. Touch screen: Xinjie of Wuxi

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