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KPSG-3 Automatic Adhesive Glue Filling And Capping Machine

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KPSG-3 Automatic Adhesive Glue Filling and Capping Machine

I. Introduction of KPSG-3

The machine is a newly designed adhesive machine for adhesive factory ,which is mainly used for of super glues in plastic bottle packing. The bottles are inserted to the seat automatically by the vibrating try. For material feeding, it applies self-suck device to inhale material and begin filling. The caps are put on also by a lectromagnetism shaking tray. A specialized motor is used to screw caps which ensures a suitable screwing thickness. There are 16 bottle stations to finish all functions during rotary. The whole machine is controlled by PLC system and the operations are done by the touch screen, fully automatic from bottle feeding to bottle exit. Therefore, it is very popular among the chemical and glue industry.

II. Working Process of KPSG-3

Step 1. Bottles get into moulds automatically by a vibrating try

Step 2. The machine will fill glue into the bottle in self-suck

Step 3. The machine puts the inner cap on the bottle

Step 4. The machine will screw the inner caps automatically

Step 5. Finishing cap screwing, the bottle exit from seat automatically

Step 6. Another operator press the external cap on the bottle.

III. Features and Performance of KPSG-3

1.The machine structure is fully mechanical which ensures a high working speed and steady operation, reducing the failure rate greatly.

2.The machine is fully automatic from bottle feeding to finished bottle exit

3.PLC controller. The operation system is more steady

4.Vibrating disks are applied to deliver bottles and caps in order. 

5.Specialized motor is used for cap screwing. The thickness is set properly

6.The production capacity can be realized and controlled automatically. 

7.Speed shall be adjustable by converter and normal speed is around 40pcs/min

8.High quality stainless steel panel

9.Human-machine interface with direct display and control.

10.The automatic mark detecting the bottles. It will fill when detecting the bottle, if no bottle, the material will not flow. 

11.Before bottle exit station, there is another detector. When it checked the the cap screwing is finished, the bottle will exit automatically. If the cap-on and cap screwing fails, the machine will stop as a signal to prevent a waste of material and sprinkle.

12.Touch screen panel 

13.High-viscous material will have a hopper system.(optional)

IV. Technical Parameter



Power Supply      

220V/50Hz/single phase

Power Rate


Air pressure     


Filling Range     

20g, 50g, 100g

Filling Precision   


Filling capacity


Bottle diameter






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